Here are 8 tips to make your brand break through on Tik Tok!

Here are 8 tips to make your brand break through on Tik Tok!

Tik Tok is the Chinese platform that we no longer present! With its catchy and fun format, the network has literally rocked the entire planet and has accumulated more than 1.5 billion downloads! A runaway success that you can profit from. We share 8 tips to make your brand break through on Tik Tok!

1. Create an optimal profile for your brand

It is essential to create a quality Tik Tok profile to firstly make users want to know more about your brand and secondly to optimize your SEO on the platform. Username, profile photo / video, biography, website, other social networks: nothing should be left to chance!

2. Follow trends closely

One of the peculiarities of the Chinese platform is that it is very often punctuated by trends that have global resonance. An entire page on the network is dedicated to these, thus making it easier for you to follow musical trends, the effects / filters in vogue, etc. They must absolutely be exploited. They are indeed a boon for you and your brand because they offer enormous visibility.

3. Target your community

Positioning is very important to make your brand break through quickly and effectively. By launching your business, you have already targeted your customers. The same is true on Tik Tok. What age groups / types of people is the content I will be producing on Tik Tok likely to appeal to? What content should I publish to reach more people, increase my target clientele,…?

4. Master the hashtags

Hashtags play a major role in your SEO on the platform and in the process of how the Tik Tok algorithm works. It is therefore important to master its use. For each of your video publications, put a maximum of 5. If you want to reach an international audience, choose hashtags in English. Likewise, if you want to reach a particular audience, write the hashtags in the language of the country in question. Also create a hashtag that bears the name of your brand: you will need to add it systematically to each of your publications.

5. Organize contests

Contests work very well on social networks. This is the best way to get User Generated Content which boosts traffic around your account. A huge guarantee of visibility therefore. This also allows you to “thank” your most loyal customers / users and to strengthen this certain close link with your community.

6. Launch challenges

The challenges have really made the reputation and success of Tik Tok: Internet users are very fond of them. Do not hesitate to integrate these challenges into your digital communication strategy. Launch challenges related to the services / products offered by your brand for example. Carefully choose the hashtag corresponding to your challenge, so you will be able to find all the users who have taken up the challenge in the dedicated section on the application. This is a great way to gain visibility.

7. Be very present

You have to be persevering and very invested in your social networks, especially on Tik Tok, to gain visibility and make your brand break through on the Chinese platform. It is imperative to post several videos per day, every day of the week! One of the keys to identifying with Tik Tok is that you have to publish in mass, it’s the quantity that matters. Take the time to respond to some comments, to react with users, to respond to their comments in videos for example. Everything is done so that you can create a solid bond with your community.

8. Develop partnerships

Partnerships are an excellent way to gain visibility and anchor yourself in the network. You have everything to gain by including them in your development strategy. The platform has hundreds of influencers, you are spoiled for choice. Your partnership can take a classic form such as the presentation of your products / services or a more fun form such as the launch of a challenge with the influencer, a competition intended for the community of the influencer in question… Tik Tok puts at your disposal available a panel of tools to express your creative ideas!

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