Here are 5 detailed case studies of brands that have made a breakthrough on TikTok

Here are 5 detailed case studies of brands that have made a breakthrough on TikTok

Despite a hesitant start, brands are increasingly present on TikTok. And some of them are even very successful. How do they do it? Influenth deciphers their social media strategy for you.

The French entertainment media was created in 2008 by two Parisian entrepreneurs. His concept? Interview the biggest celebrities of the moment through a dynamic and colorful format. Konbini’s strategy is first and foremost through a significant presence on social media in order to reach a young audience. Its latest network is of course TikTok! With more than 176,100 subscribers and 2.3 million likes, the media is a must on the platform.

What works for Konbini?

– Authenticity and simplicity : this fun format takes the interviewees off guard and that is what makes it strong. No text to learn, no staging, only authenticity. Konbini also takes its subscribers behind the scenes of celebrities, which strengthens the bond with its community.

@konbiniWe talked hair with the rapper the most styled Rap Game. Watch the SCH Passion ## sch ##rap ##passion ## konbini ##interview♬ Me Passion Cheveu from SCH – konbini

– A resolutely digital format : Konbini videos are designed for digital. They are shot in a vertical and short format, ideal for TikTok.

– humor : between two interviews, Konbini teams invite themselves to the cameras for humorous and feel good videos. Guaranteed success!

@konbiniDid you understand the trick 👀? ##magic ## tricks ## waitforit ## konbiniOriginal original sound – konbini

– Visibility worked : interviewing famous people has its advantage. Konbini benefits from the influence of influencers on its TikTok page.

– Creating your own challenge : as soon as he arrived on TikTok in November 2018, Konbini launched the hashtag #Dancember which consisted in showing his best dance steps. The challenge has been completed more than 15 million times.

@konbiniToday we dance the Hit Dem Folks with Mister V 🔥💃🏻## dancemberOriginal original sound – konbini

With 492,300 subscribers and 9.4 million likes, TF1 marks its territory on the TikTok platform. Debrief of what worked for the French TV channel:

– Authenticity and proximity : TF1 often gives behind-the-scenes access to its programs with “stolen” passages. This creates collusion with subscribers who then feel closer to the brand.

@ tf1@jeanlucreichmann resumes filming of the show ## les12coupsdemidi 🤩♬ original sound – tf1

– Emotion : the extracts presented on TikTok are always full of emotion, whether it is sadness, joy with positive music or even wonder.

– Visibility worked : TF1 benefits from the influence of the celebrities present on the videos.

– Creating your own challenge : TF1 has already launched many challenges to its followers with the #GoalChallenge or more recently #dalscheztoi.

@ tf1We all dance on @dualipaofficial! Here is the end of the choreography ## dalscheztoi with Fauve Hautot! Continue dancing at home! @ dals_tf1♬ original sound – tf1

Unsurprisingly, the favorite cosmetic brand for 14-24 year olds is also on TikTok. After developing a real communication strategy on networks like Instagram and Snapchat, Sephora is launching this time on TikTok. Present on the platform since October 2017, it currently has 88,300 subscribers and 572,200 likes. What worked for her:

– Own brand hashtag : from the home page of french account, Séphora indicates the #TheUnlimitedPowerOfBeauty in his biography.

– A well-defined niche : the cosmetic brand has chosen a very specific type of content that corresponds to both its field of activity and its values, beauty tutorials. This bias is certainly less popular than other formats, but has the advantage of targeting a specific audience.

@sephoraSnap your fingers for this major glam 👌🏽## Glam ## FYP♬ original sound – blakexsimpson

– The use of hashtags : the brand always uses three hashtags under its videos. Targeted hashtags that give it more visibility.

1.8 million subscribers, 26.4 million likes, in short Gymshark is a must for TikTok. The account of the British sportswear brand is all the more interesting because it has a well-developed social media strategy. So let’s find out what worked for this brand:

– A well-defined niche : The sportswear brand has chosen a specific type of content that corresponds to both its field of activity and its values: sports videos. The advantage of this type of content is that it is experiencing exponential success on the platform.

– Own brand hashtag : Gymshark has its own hashtag #gymshark used 929 million times on TikTok by users wearing brand clothing. Needless to say, the benefits of UGC (User Generated Content) are enormous!

– A repost strategy : If so many users use the #gymshark, it’s certainly because the clothing brand has the best videos on its own account. Thus, it offers users great visibility. A boon for a generation Z in search of likes and recognition. An even more winning strategy for the brand, which does not have to worry about its video content generated automatically by subscribers.

@gymsharkShe is a skater girl @demibagby 🔥 drop a 💥 if you can skate ## gymshark♬ Don’t Need Love (Swipe Left Swipe Right) – 220 Kid & Gracey

Michael Kors

Small deviation, this is not a successful account, but a successful campaign carried out on TikTok. In 2019, the American ready-to-wear brand launched its own challenge on the application through the hashtag #CityCatwalk. To participate in this challenge, users filmed themselves with the brand’s products by parading as if they were on a podium. In one week, 30,000 videos were published by users to participate in the challenge.

Michael Kors brand on TikTok Lare the reasons for this success?

– Objective AR: a filter has been created specifically for this challenge, available in the application.

– Influence campaign : this challenge was promoted in particular through an influence campaign. Michael Kors called on three influencers who shared their own version of the challenge to their communities. The three influencers gather 4 million followers and the videos they published for this challenge generated 5 million views.

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