Harry Jowsey Reacts To 'Ex Girlfriend's' TikTok Warning Francesca

Harry Jowsey Reacts To ‘Ex Girlfriend’s’ TikTok Warning Francesca

Netflix viewers worldwide are obsessed with its latest reality tv show Too Hot To Handle and its love them or hate them couple Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago. Things are heating up on social media where a woman from Harry’s past has joined the party.

Harry and Francesca were the most drama-filled couple on this season of Too Hot To Handle. One of the first of the sexy singles to pair up they immediately struggled to adhere to the no sex rule. This lead to the first rule-breaking of the season where they kissed and cost the group 3k from their 100k prize pot. As imagined this didn’t go over well and Harry threw Francesca under the bus. She got revenge by kissing a fellow female castmate and costing the entire crew another 3k. Which makes perfect sense of course. After this, she decided she still wanted Harry and they made up and rode off into the sunset together. Well after first breaking some more rules and angering their fellow castmates more and then managing to keep their hands off each other for one night to redeem themselves, sort of.

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So now that you’re caught up with the bulk of what happened during the show everyone is wondering what has happened since? Well, they are all over social media together so that gives some answers to what happened next. In addition, immediately after the show released the tea was being spilled about their past dating histories. Francesca has been linked to famed Dj Diplo. Harry actually won even more money on a dating show in the past with his then-girlfriend. That didn’t last long and apparently, he found that dating shows were a great way to make money while finding a girl, so he came back for more. Thank you, Netflix. Well, another girl from Harry’s past has come to TikTok with a warning for Francesa.

Kris Fox

The TikTok account by the name of @itskrisfox posted a hilarious montage of pictures. The photos started with a photo of Francesca and a voiceover that says “Don’t get too comfortable sweetheart… I was his everything once too.” It shows her drinking liquor straight from the bottle and seeming to fake cry as it shows lots of cozy pics of the two of them. Harry then records himself watching the video in a reaction duet with the original. Harry was shown laughing and captioned the duet with “@itskrisfox I love & miss you.” Followed by multiple laughing crying emojis.

While the warning to Francesca seemed ominous at first, it appears the video was both made and taken in good fun. Based on the comments it’s unclear if Kris Fox was ever actually an ex of Harry’s or just a good friend. The TikTok still made waves and got lots of comments for both her original and the duet Harry posted of it. With a combined amount of likes approaching 400k, its clear fans are clamoring for any and all Harry, Francesca, and Too Hot to Handle content. Social media is coming through to deliver. Harry also posted a video today on TikTok as well as Instagram of the happy couple to assure fans he and Francesca are still happy as ever.

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Source: Kris Fox, Harry Jowsey

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