Furla arrives on TikTok with a new project dedicated to dance and colors

Furla arrives on TikTok with a new project dedicated to dance and colors

We have warned you, fashion is taking on TikTok! It’s time for the Italian brand FURLA, famous for its handbags, to launch its official TikTok account!

And one thing is certain, the brand does not do things by halves! On the occasion of the release of his new bag Metropolis of Furla, she calls on Elisa Maino, a star of TikTok, to promote it.

An exclusive partnership

Who says exceptional bag, says exceptional campaign! To best promote the new kid Metropolis of Furla, what could be better than using one of the most fashionable influencers on TikTok! With more than 5 million followers and more than 623 million likes on its TikTok videos, the brand Furla thus bet on Elisa Maino.

Elisa Maino thus launched a special choreography with original music. Using the hashtag #furladance, his entire community will be able to express his creativity and also participate in this beautiful project combining fashion, dance and above all joy! The objective being to celebrate together the renewal of the Furla Metropolis, one of the brand’s iconic bags relaunched in a new design with rounded shapes and vibrant, monochrome tones.

@majno@furla ha aperto tik tok e per l’ocassione ho creato la ## furladance.. aspetto i vostri video: è tempo di ballare! ## furlametropolis ## adv 💙❤️💛♬ Furla Dance – Furla

A winning strategy

The color is Furla what sound is to TikTok: its DNA!

The Furla Metropolis has become an emblematic bag within the Italian House, very appreciated by young dynamic women and eager for travel. And we can never repeat it enough, TikTok is the social network that is all the rage with young people.

With this young audience, the Italian brand thus has everything to gain by betting on TikTok to ensure its promotional campaign. A completely coherent digital influence strategy!

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