"Flip the Switch Challenge" on TikTok seduces stars

“Flip the Switch Challenge” on TikTok seduces stars

For the past few days, a new challenge has been bothering TikTok: the “Flip the Switch Challenge”. A trend that has won over many, including celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello.

The “Flip the Switch Challenge” arrives on TikTok

Launched on TikTok, only a few hours ago, the “Flip the Switch Challenge” immediately conquered Internet users and invaded various social networks.

The concept is quite simple. Two people are within the range of the camera. One is in front and filming, and the other is next to or behind a Drake song, “Nonstop”. When the lyrics “Look, I just flipped the switch” arrive, the plan changes and the roles are reversed. The fun point? Clothes must also be exchanged!

@tiboinshapeThe end 😂😂 @jujufitcats ## foryou ##for you♬ original sound – bellalambert

A challenge that appeals to celebrities

If many Internet users have taken up the challenge, the stars are not outdone. On several TikTok celebrity accounts, we have seen videos of the “Flip the Switch Challenge”. Among them, Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

In their video, we can see Jennifer dancing while her lover is filming. And suddenly, their roles change. Alex Rodriguez finds himself wearing a tight white dress and earrings, to wiggle. Next to her, Jennifer Lopez holds the smartphone and wears her shirt, suit jacket and sunglasses.

@jloWait for it… 😂 ♥ ️ @ arod13♬ original sound – bellalambert

They are not the only ones to have succumbed to this challenge. Camila Cabello and her choreographer posted a similar video on TikTok. This is also the case for actress Kate McKinnon, in duet with former Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

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