Feta pasta: the recipe that ignites TikTok

Feta pasta: the recipe that ignites TikTok

Dough, feta cheese, tomato, three ingredients needed to prepare THE recipe that makes the buzz on TikTok. That’s no less than 40 million cumulative views for the latter. Take a look back at a trend that comes straight from Finland!

Made in Finland

The Unifetapasta (if you didn’t manage to pronounce it fine, neither will we), this is the name given to this famous recipe by the designer, Jenni Häyrinen. Based in Finland, this food blogger created this dish in 2019. Even if the recipe does not panic TikTok than for a few weeks, it dates well ago two years.

“I invented this recipe because I needed a quick and easy lunch,” she said. I was hungry and started to crave a feta cheese baked (…) ” told Jenni Häyrinen to the magazine Today

A desire, a post Instagram and a few hours later, hundreds of internet users are trying to replicate his recipe. Story, feed, the “Uunifetapasta” is all over. Became viral, the media then seized on the trend, the fallout was staggering: sales of feta cheese explode from 300% in Finland and supermarkets are sold out. According to the figures of Jenni Häyrinen, the original recipe video was said to have been seen near 2.7 million times for a total population of 5.5 million inhabitants …

Updated on TikTok

Two years later, the recipe benefits from a renewed interestt carried by the ultra-popular Chinese app since the first lockdowns. The recipe becomes viral and floods TikTok. To date, it has accumulated more than 40 million views on the platform. When it comes to cooking blogs, everyone comes out with their own recipe, offering variations and Google searches concerning pasta feta cheese exploded in early February.

Feta pasta: the recipe that ignites TikTok

Feta pasta: the recipe that ignites TikTok

No out of stock to report in France but of Tiktokers visibly conquered.

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Faced with this second buzz Jenni Häyrinen created his TiktTok account and posted a video of the original recipe to the delight of the TikTok community. So, are you going to test it?

@liemessaThe day #uunifetapasta was born in my kitchen 🍝🔥 #bakedfetapasta #fetapasta #foodtiktok #viralfood

♬ Hot Stuff – Kygo & Donna Summer

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