Facebook abandons Lasso, the perfect copy of TikTok

Facebook abandons Lasso, the perfect copy of TikTok

As of July 10, 2020, Facebook will delete its application “Lasso”, a perfect copy of TikTok whose main objective was of course to compete with the Chinese juggernaut! A decision following the launch of the brand new Reels feature on Instagram, again with a desire to compete with TikTok! TikTok has definitely become the app to take down!

Lasso, the TikTok clone

Facebook launched Lasso at the start of 2019 a TikTok which is more or less revisited but always with this same guiding principle: short videos combining sounds, effects, text, filters, interactions. These small creations are shared via the Stories.

Facebook abandons Lasso, the perfect copy of TikTok

However, the success around Lasso was not there: it must be said, a little flop! Reason why Facebook takes the decision to close the application.

Launch of Reels on Instagram

The Californian giant is not giving up on TikTok, the application that sprayed all the meters during the confinement. If Facebook is forced to draw a line under Lasso, it can still console itself with the launch on Instagram of the new Reels feature! Another small TikTok clone which is in full swing and already has many followers!

Facebook Lasso

Case to follow…

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