Death of a girl on TikTok: an influencer arrested

Death of a girl on TikTok: an influencer arrested

Death of a girl on TikTok: an influencer arrested

A 48-year-old Sicilian influencer has been charged with inciting suicide after the death of a girl who participated in the “headscarf game” on social media TikTok, police said in a statement Thursday.

“The investigators of the Postal Police (…) found on the social network TikTok a link leading to the profile of the Sicilian influencer in which we see a video reproducing a ‘challenge’ between the woman and a man in which the two covered each other completely the face, including the mouth and the nose, with transparent tape, so as not to be able to breathe ”, explains the press release.

An influencer followed by more than 700,000 people

“This video, extremely dangerous because it can be seen by all users, without any restriction, and serve as an emulation for minors (…) has been eliminated from the TikTok platform”, according to the same source. ->

The Sicilian influencer “had posted many other similar ‘challenge videos’ which garnered the popularity and attention of 731,000 followers.” Her social media accounts were blocked and she was raided, according to the same source.

A death that arouses great emotion in Italy

Last week in Palermo (Sicily, south), a 10-year-old girl died of suffocation while participating in a “headscarf game” challenge while filming herself on her mobile phone on TikTok. This case has caused a stir in Italy, and the Data Protection Authority has temporarily blocked access to TikTok for users whose age is not guaranteed. The minimum age to legally register on TikTok is thirteen.

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