[ Conférence TikTokWorld ] TikTok speeds up on social selling

[ Conférence TikTokWorld ] TikTok speeds up on social selling

To close the TikTok World conference, let’s talk about e-commerce. TikTok launched TikTok Shopping a few weeks ago; a suite of advertising solutions, features and tools to empower brands and merchants to connect with their audiences.

Reconciling community, entertainment and commerce

TikTok Shopping allows more and more merchants present on the application to boost their sales, their visibility and their growth.

– Direct Integration: merchants can download products and drive all stages of the sales cycle directly on the platform, from shipping to orders to point of sale.

– Partner Integration: for merchants who want to work with a third party business partner, Shopify, Square, Ecwid and PrestaShop are now available on the platform.

– Product Links: brands can promote one or more products directly from an organic TikTok video, redirecting users to instant loading listings.

– LIVE Shopping: brands can interact live and in real time with their community, and share dynamic links pointing to products and services.

– Ads Collection *: brands can include personalized product sheets in video ads.

– Dynamic Showcase Ads *: lbrands can provide users with personalized and targeted advertising, based on their interests.

* Solutions available in France are indicated with an asterisk.

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