[ Conférence TikTokWorld ] Measuring the impact and value of TikTok

[ Conférence TikTokWorld ] Measuring the impact and value of TikTok

During the TikTok World conference, the Chinese social network expressed the wish to make the experience of brands on the platform as simple as possible.

Monitor and measure the impact of a campaign

TikTok unveiled tools to help brands buy advertising space on the platform, measure success of their campaigns and monitor their performance. It is also a matter of guaranteeing the security of its platform and thus reassuring brands.

– Reach & Frequency *: brands can run effective, predictive and transparent campaigns on TikTok.

– TikTok Brand Lift Study *: this survey experience measures how users view the ads they see on TikTok. Kantar and Nielsen work with the platform to ensure these surveys meet industry standards for efficiency and reliability.

– Ad Viewability *: TikTok provides its partners with the desired analyzes regarding fraudulent traffic and visibility on the application.

– Trademark security *: AlongsideIAS, OpenSlate, and Zefr, TikTok ensures that brands’ campaigns are displayed alongside content that is right for them.

– TikTok Inventory Filter *: brands have the opportunity to better control the content alongside which their ads are displayed. This solution meets program standards GARM for the safety of brands and the adequacy of their content.

* Solutions available in France are indicated with an asterisk.

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