Biniyam Shibre Displays Stunning Flexibility On TikTok

Biniyam Shibre Displays Stunning Flexibility On TikTok

Biniyam has once again shocked fans, this time with his impressive physicality in a new video that has fans saying, how the heck did he do that?

One of the least polarizing cast members, Biniyam Shibre, once again shocked fans on social media when he recently showed off his shocking flexibility. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star has been killing it lately with fans who love Biniyam’s new music video and have found inspiration in his recent post-pandemic glow up. His latest video is an example of the impressive physique and playful attitude that make Biniyam a hit with fans.

Biniyam’s storyline on The Other Way centered around him and fiancé Ariela Weinberg preparing to welcome a new baby boy. Ariela moved to Ethiopia so they could be together and so Biniyam could be a part of his son’s life. There was a lot of tension between the couple at first, and viewers were worried that Ariela and Biniyam wouldn’t have a happy ending. However, the two of them were overjoyed when their son Avi was born and since then have managed to make their relationship work.

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Biniyam shocked fans with his recent body transformation after he packed on a few extra pandemic pounds. Now it looks like he’s back in peak physical shape and his latest video also shows how flexible Biniyam is. In the video, Biniyam effortlessly flips himself up onto a tire and does the splits in the air, upside down, while supported by just one hand. It’s an impressive display of physicality and something most of us mere mortals can only dream of doing.

Fans went wild for the stunt and shared their amazement over his strength and balance. Commenters shared fire and clapping emojis, and many gushed over how talented Biniyam is. “Your[sic] soo flippin awesome!” one fan exclaimed, and another admitted “I couldn’t do that on a flat surface!” In the video, Biniyam makes it look easy, but fans didn’t miss the fact that it takes a lot of work to develop the ability to do that kind of move.

Though many viewers were skeptical about Biniyam when he first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, they’ve since come around to him and his wife because of how Biniyam and Ariela have grown their love after filming the show. Biniyam is both relatable and inspirational, because like many during the pandemic, he let his fitness slide. But now through determination and hard work, he’s back in shape. To his fans, Biniyam is pure fitness goals, and they’re eager to see what he does next with his impressive new physique.

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Source: Biniyam Shibre/Instagram

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