Banned in the USA, Tik Tok to sue the US government

Banned in the USA, Tik Tok to sue the US government

The Cold War between TikTok and the US government has yet to end. While Donald Trump had banned the use of the application in American space, the Chinese firm does not seem to want to back down on this decision. The maker of TikTok has confirmed its intention to sue the US government over the ban against it.

However, this legal battle will not prevent the US branch of the app from being sold.

All we encountered was a regular lack of procedure, as the administration did not pay attention to the facts and tried to interfere in negotiations between private companies The company explained in a statement published in several media.

Tiktok to continue that ” to ensure that the rule of law is not undermined and that our business and our users are treated fairly, we have no choice but to challenge the executive order through the court system “.

As a reminder, the US government accuses TikTok of being a threat to national security. Trump had said that the Chinese-made apps were also a threat to his country’s foreign policy and economy.

“TikTok automatically captures large swathes of information from its users, including information about internet activity and other activities, such as location data and browsing and search histories,” the US president said. .


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Banned in the USA, Tik Tok to sue the US government

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