As TikTok Struggles, Snapchat Is Gaining An 'Add Music To Posts' Feature

As TikTok Struggles, Snapchat Is Gaining An ‘Add Music To Posts’ Feature

Snapchat is adding a new feature that allows users to add music to their posts. In fact, it’s very similar to how TikTok deals with music.

Snapchat is adding a new feature that allows users to add music to their posts. This feature mimics an approach that has proven to be widely popular for TikTok, and at a time when the viral video-sharing service is under intense privacy scrutiny.

TikTok has offered users an easy way to add music to their content for several years now, and it is one of the features that separates the service from other social media apps. Snapchat is now adding a very similar feature that appears to make adding music to a post as simple as it would be on TikTok. Users can add music to their post before or after creating it, and recipients just need to swipe up to view the song in Apple Music or Spotify.

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As Bloomberg reports, the licensing deal comes at an opportune time for not only Snapchat, but also for the music companies involved. Many hit songs were originally popularized on social media channels, and often on TikTok or YouTube. With deals similar to those that Snapchat made, music companies can more directly benefit from their songs being shared through social media services. Snapchat claims that 90 percent of 13-24-year-olds use the app, which is more than Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Being able to directly reach that audience could be very beneficial to the music industry.

Good Timing For Snapchat

The news of Snapchat’s TikTok-like feature comes soon after a new round of Trump threats against TikTok. Due to the company’s Chinese origins, there are concerns over privacy for many in the US and elsewhere. Trump has ultimately given TikTok a deadline of Sept. 15 for the app to be shut down or sold to an American company. Making right now, a good time for other services to launch TikTok-inspired features. Speaking of which,  Instagram also recently announced the release of Instagram Reels, an app that’s very similar to TikTok.

While this is exciting news for Snapchat users, it’s also important to remember that Snapchat is not a traditional social media app. It’s primarily used as a messenger app, with a heavy focus on video and photos. This feature likely will be able to help increase the ease to which music is shared between friends, but there is no way for posts to go “viral” on Snapchat, the way they tend to on other social media apps. After being sent a Snap, there is no easy way to then share it with others and because of this, it’s less likely for Snapchat to be able to create large interest in specific songs on the platform, like YouTube and TikTok have done through their own viral content.

Snapchat also has a heavy focus on authentic video footage rather than edited content. This difference from TikTok and YouTube can also make it more difficult to produce meme-able content with music. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just one of the ways that Snapchat separates itself from other social networking apps. It just also lessens the comparisons between TikTok and Snapchat, despite this exciting new feature.

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Source: Bloomberg

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