5 influencer marketing campaigns that have been successful on TikTok

5 influencer marketing campaigns that have been successful on TikTok

The year 2020 marks a turning point in the history of the Chinese social network. Adopted by a very young audience in its infancy, the platform is now democratizing and enjoys a large audience. With the launch this year of TikTok For Business, TitkTok has won over many brands in France. Ready-to-wear, telephony, gaming, automotive, mass distribution, beauty or even the biggest luxury houses, the brands have invested in the platform. And each has adopted the codes of the platform to imagine original and creative campaigns. Flashback to a resolutely creative year.

Storming the TikTok community

TikTok now offers brands and media agencies communication formats powerful and innovative. They allow in particular to create a strong commitment and a lasting relationship with its community. In addition, brands are an integral part of the user experience. The communication formats offered are non-intrusive and promote a interactive experience, positive and unprecedented co-creator. Generate traffic, strengthen or build a brand image, develop sales, unite a community or design content, brands find on TikTok new, relevant and creative formats.

5 successful campaigns in 2020:



A campaign created to accompany the launch of the Asus Vivobook S14. For that, ASUS has partnered with VICE Media in order to develop a campaign around a Branded Hashtag Challenge. The challenge invited users to copy or create their own dance moves based on eye-catching choreography and custom music created with the Vivobook S14.

Results? More than 250 million videos viewed, more than 82K participants in the hashtag challenge and a click-through rate of nearly 24% !

@ akamztwenty20Join this challenge and try to win an Asus Vivobook S14 #CreateWithAsus @AsusFrance♬ Kiss – KillASon


# Freedom

The Veet brand offered a Branded Hashtag Challenge, # SummerFreedom, and invited the community TikTok to celebrate freedom, diversity and happiness by showing their best looks. Veet thus encourages users to show their summer transformation, at the end of the 1st containment.

Results? More than 256 M videos viewed, more than 159K participants in the hashtag challenge and an engagement rate of 14% !

@camille_la_danseuse#SummerFreedom Show the woman in you when you wake up and after ❤️😍♬ Treppenwitz – PX Hammer


# LiptonGenerationTri

A campaign to promote the new Lipton bottle made from 100% recycled plastic and show the Gen Z the importance of recycling. Lipton launched #LiptonGenerationTri with popular creators on the platform in order to multiply its points of contact, with in particular @joyca, @safir, @hectorlevrai and @tonydsts. All called on their communities to show their most creative interpretations of recycling and sorting waste.

Results? 257 M views, 110K videos created and an engagement rate of 14 %!

@safirSorting is important! Join the #challenge # LiptonGenerationTri #LiptonIceTri # SponsoredByLipton 💕✨♬ The Tri – Joyca

The dread


A campaign designed to discover the new models of the Fall / Winter collection, and increase brand awareness. La Redoute wanted to find new raw talent but also to break down barriers. Called #LaRedouteChallenge, users must share a creative, authentic and inspiring moment. The campaign made beauty redundant by claiming that it didn’t matter, and that only one criterion must be met: creativity. You just have to be yourself. That was it first casting on TikTok.

Results? More than 255 M videos viewed and 112K participants!

@enzotaistoiYou can become the next model of a future La Redoute ad by participating in the #LaRedouteChallenge 😳 – You know what you have to do .. ✨♬ #LaRedouteChallenge – Twelve



The Fashion House has created a campaign on TikTok during the end of the year celebrations in order to increase its notoriety and reach out to a new audience. Balenciaga appropriates the format TopView and used it for guide users to their online store. This space-themed ad blended iconic style with a clear message to make the community want to find out more. It became the first luxury fashion house to embrace the format TopView sure TikTok.

Results? More than 25 M videos viewed and a click-through rate of 18% !


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