2020 ranking of French influencers on Tik Tok

2020 ranking of French influencers on Tik Tok

The Tik Tok ranking has just fallen! They made you laugh, sweat, entertain … Without further ado, here is the Top 10 2020 French influencers who were all the rage on the now famous Chinese platform Tik Tok!

1. Lea Elui Ginet

We no longer present her, she is the French platform’s No. 1 star! Our favorite dancer reaches 12.1 million subscribers and has over 368 million likes under her Tik Tok videos.

@leaeluiChanged the dance a little bit what do you guys think? 🥰✨♬ original sound – Jm Yrreverre

2. Tibo InShape

Our sports youtuber has also taken on Tik Tok and has over 3.9 million subscribers. His videos have accumulated over 145.1 million likes!

@tiboinshapeTag a hairless 😂♬ original sound – guillaumeclick

3. Rose.thr

A true Tik Tok star with over 3.5 million subscribers and over 243.9 million likes. Just that !

@ rose.thrif you follow me on Instagram you surely know where I am ✨🤔🙃♬ Pretty babe – Aya Nakamura

4. Beckybaw777

A true duo pro on Tik Tok, her reactions to other videos on the web are delighting 3.4 million subscribers without forgetting the more than 69.1 million likes!

@beckywesh## duet with @ mahendra_choudhary4865 cool 👍 ## fyp ## duettiktok ## react ## foryou♬ Satisfya – Imran Khan

5. Cyril.schr

His wacky experiences attract more than 3.3 million subscribers every day with videos accumulating 119.6 million likes!

@cyrilschrMy jokes are wearing me out 😂♬ original sound – cyrilschr

6. Simon Nogueira

This Freerunner offers us a breathtaking spectacle! His videos make more than 3.3 million subscribers dizzy and have 28.4 million likes!

@ simon.nogueiraGuided tour of a Parisian church dome. ## climbeverywhere ## church ##France ## freerun ## 270pro @ 270pro ## selfiestick ## simonnogueira♬ original sound – simon.nogueira

7. Sean Garnier

Double world freestyle football champion and triple champion of France, Sean Garnier shares his prowess on his Tik Tok account: more than 3.2 million subscribers follow his adventures, with the added bonus of a likes counter that reaches 31.3 millions!

@seanfreestyleCOOKING LESSON 😂😂😂 ⚽️ ## seangarnier ## seanfreestyle ##soccer ## skills ## urbanballer ## nutmeg ## panna♬ Believer – Imagine Dragons

8. Benoit Chevalier

This colorful character entertains more than 3 million subscribers and his videos accumulate no more than 216.5 million likes! He is the origin of the famous hashtag #quandtesunqueen!

@benoit_chevalierWhen you are a Queen you cut @ lenna.vivas’s bangs 😂❤️♬ original sound – benoit_chevalier

9. Lenna Vivas

This real sneakers addict gathers around her choreographies and playbacks nearly 3 million subscribers, with more than 89.4 million likes!

@ lenna.vivasdo you want to know who i am? @benoit_chevalier 😭♬ original sound – lucassoff

10. Juju Fitcats

Just like her partner in crime Tibo InShape, our bubbly Youtuber Fitgirl has also launched on Tik Tok! His unwavering good humor won over 2.8 million subscribers with more than 44.4 million likes!

@jujufitcatsOops 🤣 @tiboinshape ## foryou ##for you♬ original sound – jujufitcats

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