10 Up-And-Coming Women Musicians to Follow on TikTok

10 Up-And-Coming Women Musicians to Follow on TikTok

Though it usually depends on one’s “For You Page,” a user is sure to come across many a creator and musician on the short-content platform TikTok. It can be overwhelming to start conditioning the FYP and find content that best suits the user’s interests as the pool of talent and artistry seems endless. It’s easy to get lost in the timelines. Thankfully, TikTok has a feature that reminds users if they’ve been scrolling for a long period of time as the content is incredibly drawing.

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The sheer amount of diversity is staggering, lending small indie artists a chance to gain some major exposure. If any user finds it difficult to navigate which artists to follow, there are many women-fronted music acts to enjoy and jam to, proving the sheer talent available to witness on the app as followerships grow.

10 @Faithandmajesty

@faithandmajesty on Tiktok

The sister duo often finds somewhere peaceful such as a stoop to sit and perform. Their music is soft indie-folk, calming all the ears who listen. Their harmonious voices make for heavenly vocals as they strum on their guitars.

Faith and Majesty are great for fans of acts such as Angel Olsen or Simon and Garfunkel, or anyone who needs to chill for 60-seconds at a time.

9 @Delilahbon

@deliahbon on Tiktok

Delilah Bon is a UK rapper who samples other songs to make them her own fun rewrites, for example, taking “WAP” and making it about her dog, calling it “Wet A** Puppy.” Her writing is creative, catchy, and shows her spunky attitude, independent personality, and feminism.

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Her energy is bright as films and dances, turning her TikToks into creative music videos. Delilah is a good fit for those who want to feel more empowered and have a good time.

8 @Cassyette

@cassyette on Tiktok

Cassyette’s TikTok presence has grown to almost 1 million followers, and for good reason. Prominent in the punk side of social media, the vocalist does powerful covers of well-known songs, Radiohead’s “Creep” for example, and puts her own hardcore spin on them as she brings a satisfying rasp and screamo to her performances.

Her voice is resounding and soulful without sacrificing metal influences. She also does a lot of duets with other artists as well.

7 @Rachiichahii

@rachiichachii on Tiktok

The sweet-voiced indie folk/pop musician performs emotional acoustic original songs. Her expressions of loneliness, longing, and insecurity are everything tangible and heartbreaking.

The poetic honesty in her lyrics, kind, humorous nature, and comforting approach to filming has brought many viewers to a place of unabashed expression and would be great for those who need a good cry session.

6 @Megagonefree

@megagonefree on Tiktok

A talented voice with an old soul, this TikToker often adorns fanciful, cottage-core insect-wing glasses. Her acoustic bubblegum-pop sound will appeal to Clairo or Adventure Time fans as she brings soul and spunk to her covers and originals.

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One of her most notorious videos is her cover of “Can You Feel My Heartby Bring Me The Horizon, in which she beautifully carries a note for several beats and bars. A great TikTok creator that delivers love, enchantment, and positivity.

5 @Itscalica

@itscalica on Tiktok

Her talent translates into all aspects of song production as not only are her covers flawless, but the content itself is entertainingly satisfying as well.

4 @Chloebaileywashere

@chloebaileywashere on Tiktok

Verified TikToker Chloe Bailey provides polished, genre-bending sounds and takes us through her process as she does. Her most-watched video has amassed over 1 million views.

She puts together and records the different components of a song to come together into an ethereal electric and vocal harmony. She also likes to model fashion and show off herself in concert, making the process just as enjoyable for the viewers as it appears for her.

3 @Timalikesmusic

@timalikesmusic on Tiktok

Timalikesmusic is perfect for bopping to random yet relatable thoughts and lyrisms. Her presentation and writing are very Jack-Stauber-esque and maintain a sense of quirk as she often jams to her songs in front of a fisheye lens.

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Her music is unique, mixing synths, keyboard, samples, and vocals for groovy beats. The humor she brings to the table is endearing and maintains a fun, meme-inspired atmosphere, making her content all the more mesmerizing and enjoyable.

2 @crimsonappleband


The all-girl alt-rock band consists of four sisters: Faith, Shelby, Colby, and Carthi. Multi-talented, the group all share angelic voices that makes it easy for them to harmonize on Godly levels. Their content shares their personalities based on TikTok trends and performances of catchy original and covers songs.

The velvet-smooth vocals matched with powerful instrumentals on the drums and electric guitars. One of their most exciting videos to start with is their resounding performance of an anime intro. They have albums released and have performed in concert.

1 @Zheani

@zheani on TIktok

Having just started her reign on TikTok, the experimental DIY artist is known for her elaborate lyricisms, iconic collaborations with artists such as Mik Shida and Jazmin Bean, and intense vocals. Her music ranges from screamo to bubblegum rap, and most notably, fairy trap of which many say she had pioneered in her single and music video Lie and Look.” This artist started rising the ranks after releasing her music on Youtube and Soundcloud, many of her songs protesting industry abuse, misogyny, and the image that society forces on women and artists.

She poses bold challenges through the honesty and message of her work. As a musical activist, Zheani has taken difficult events in her life and turned them into powerful works of feminist art that have inspired many.

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